EBE Solutions wins two FFG-Projects

Project „Urban Loading – The project Urban Loading is based on three different innovative options for managing urban loading zones. The feasibility study consists of the opportunity of the law-based regulated loading zone control, the ability of cooperative loading zone management, as well as the option of the occupancy information for loading zones. The main goal is to prove the above mentioned solution approaches taking into consideration the legal, technical, organizational and economic issues, and the development of an operator model which is based on them and is essential for the targeted realization and technical implementation of an innovative loading zone management.

Project „RENNT – The creation of an infrastructure including road signposts in the area before and after tollbooths plays a central role in orientation as well as in smooth payment transactions. The objective (aim) of the project RENNT is to develop iterative design standards, which guarantee (warrant) an optimized course of action at tollbooths for the drivers as well as for the employees. This will reduce the experienced stress as well as the potential risks.

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