Slider History

Founded in 2002 as the Solutions division of the electrical installation company EBE Elektrotechnik GmbH, the team of EBE Solutions is since then engaged in the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of traffic telematics (Intelligent Transport Systems).

In 2007/2008 the successful development of the business segment Solutions resulted in the split off and establishment of EBE Solutions GmbH as an independent company.

Besides Traffic Telematics (EBE Road) a new specialised business unit in railway engineering has been introduced during the ensuing years.

The division Railway Systems (EBE Rail) is specialised in the development, planning and implementation of safety and warning systems for level crossings. The strict adherence with the applicable legal standards and the requirements of the railway company ensures the safety and reliability of EBE Solutions’ products. Additionally the warning systems for level crossings were honored in 2010 with the "Austrian State Award for Traffic".

Through constant investments and by participating in national and international research projects, products and services of all business divisions are continuously being further improved and innovations transformed into market-ready products.

Since its foundation the Quality Management System of EBE Solutions GmbH has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and also was awarded the Austrian Quality Seal.

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