Traffic Flow Analysis


Traffic flow analysis are valuable inputs for traffic planning and a wide range of telematic applications. To this day traffic flow analysis are performed mainly by manual surveys. The organization is very work-intensive and the reliability of the data is partially limited, especially in the case of a high traffic volume and high speed. Furthermore the counting period is limited to the peak times because of light-technical and financial reasons.


EBE Solutions and AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology have developed an automatic and energy self-sufficient system, which enables traffic counting and traffic flow analysis by tracking of license-plate numbers. Through the system design, it is possible to install the system easily and quickly independently of the infrastructure. A digital video camera captures the license-plate numbers. After that, the license-plate number are encrypted with a special developed software and stored together with the capture date and time on the local industrial computer. The power-supply of the system is via batteries, so a multi-day operation is guaranteed. The whole system components are housed in a lockable safety cabinet, which is positioned on the roadside. The detection accuracy of the system lies between 90 and 95 percent.

Possible applications
+ Traffic counting and traffic flow analyses
+ Survey of through traffic
+ Evaluation on traffic models
+ Identification of toll-avoiding-traffic
Analysis options
+ Survey of source and destination traffic as well as through traffic
+ Analyses of residence time
+ Analyses of vehicle origin
+ Analyses of vehicle class
+ Determination of the average speed
+ Determination of the average daily traffic
+ Easy and quick activation without influencing the traffic
+ Independent use of daytime, weather, infrastructure and traffic amount
+ Detection accuracy between 90 and 95 percent
+ Transparency of the analysed data
Major Refernces
+ Numerous governments, municipalities and local authority districts (Baden, Völkermarkt, …)
+ Vienna International Airport AG
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